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Our project teams consist of highly qualified and dedicated colleagues in project management, development and administration. They are there for you every step of the way, providing you with a competent and reliable partner and ensuring high project quality. Our many years of experience combined with our willingness to break the mould is the reason for our success. .

"When is it the right time to include you in our process of finding a solution?", is a question that we get asked quite often. Our answer: "As soon as possible". You have a goal and an idea of what you want to achieve? Go ahead, contact us! We research, analyse and ascertain, so that your company goes from having an idea to taking action and reaching your goal. From the first concept, to the execution, to the product introduction and further support - together we develop the best solutions. Optimal consultation and quick results are our company's premise.

It's of great importance to us that our software integrates seamlessly into your system landscape and can be easily set-up on existing systems - be it based on open source or licensed technologies. This is possible thanks to our cooperative collaborations with established companies and is one of the reasons that our software solutions are successful.




In 2003 Computer Scientist Tanja Maaß, née Krüger, founded Resolto Informatik, a software company based in Herford, Germany that specializes in artificial intelligence for the industry. As a member of the advisory and executive boards of multiple influential German networks, such as InnoZent OWL and VDI (Germany's largest consortium of engineers), Tanja supports the connection of computer science/engineering with new research approaches and fields of application.


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  • Tanja Maaß
    Tanja Maaß
    Managing Director
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  • Björn Brünner
    Björn Brünner
    Administration & Accounting, Assistant to the MD
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  • Lea Bayer
    Lea Bayer
    Sales & Strategic Market Development
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  • Damian Nowak
    Damian Nowak
    Head of Production Processes CONFIGON
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  • Tobias Hoppe
    Tobias Hoppe
    Head of Data Science SCRAITEC
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  • Renata Nagel
    Renata Nagel
    Administration & Accounting, Human Resources
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