Predictive Maintenance

The juwi AG, a planner and operator of more than 2,000 wind turbines worldwide, relies on the use of PROGNOS to detect anomalies in their plants at an early stage so they can take action straight away, therefore preventing downtime and production losses. This results in a reduction in maintenance costs and a more efficient use of their service teams.


Configuration, Cost-Calculation, Cost effectiveness

With around 1,700 employees the juwi-group is one of the leading companies in the field of renewable energy.

Juwi entrusted us with the development of an application that provides the sales personnel with optimal support when creating and managing customer data and tenders during the knowledge-intensive tender process.

Resolto’s application enables sales personnel to record customer data, configure systems in a 3D view and to create cost calculations and calculations of profitability in the online tool. The application puts the information together and generates a tender.

As soon as the tender has been created, all of the data that is relevant for further steps of the process are put together in an archive file and provided as a download. An integrated messaging and calendar function optimises the efficiency of otherwise very time-consuming internal communication between sales employees.