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Tanja Maaß takes on the Board of Directors of Conrad Electronic

News // Resolto

Conrad relies on long-standing and successful B2B and tech/platform expertise

Festo AX powered by SCRAITEC

News // Festo AX

Festo AX combines the core competencies of both companies

[Translate to English:] Festo und FlexFactory bündeln ihre Lösungen für as a Service-Geschäftsmodelle

Festo and FlexFactory bundle their solutions for as a Service business models

News // Festo AX

Digital Production as a Service brings manufacturing, R&D and finance into harmony.

Predictive Maintenance in the German Industry


78% of German companies rely on Predictive Maintenance in production

Driving the digitalisation forward


Crises offer opportunities!

New award for Resolto

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Innovative through research